Life Saving and Education

There are many pathways to becoming a valued member of the patrolling team at PNSLSC.

For those who are not the strongest swimmer the completion of a Radio Operators certificate, Apply First Aid or Advanced Resuscitation Techniques are options.

Can you swim but aren’t fully confident in your fitness yet or maybe your aged 13 to 15 years? Then the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) is the way to go. This award provides the individual with Foundation skills for the lifesaver and is a great way to start and build confidence in the water.

The next and ultimate step is the Bronze Medallion. This is the qualification to be a fully qualified lifesaver and sits hand in hand with the Certificate II in Public Safety. This award is the beginning of many other surf lifesaving pathways including further training and surf sports for those over 15 years.

To see some of the courses offered and their prerequisites by PNSLSC and externally by SLSSA see table below.

Surf Life Saving training pathways

Contact club Chief Instructor via email for more information.

Courses facilitated by the club include:

Surf Rescue Certificate

Minimum age of 13 years
200m swim in 5 minutes

Course Content
Well being, surf awareness, rescues, resus and radios

Bronze Medallion &
Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)

Minimum age of 15 years
400m swim in 9 minutes

Course Content
Well being, surf awareness, rescues, resus, radios, Emergency Care, Spinal management and patrol operations

Radio Operators Certificate

Minimum age of 13 years

Course Content
Use and care of radios

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate

Minimum age of 15 years

Course Content
Use of oxygen, defib
OP airways and suction

IRB Crew Certificate

Proficient in Bronze

Course Content
Code of Conduct
Crewing techniques
Retrieval of casualties

Silver Medallion IRB Drivers

Minimum age of 17 years
Proficient in Bronze & IRB Crew
Boat Licence

Course Content
Code of Conduct
Driving of IRB in surf
Retrieval of casualties

Courses facilitated by Surf Life Saving SA include:

Note: First Aid courses run all year round and can be booked into via state centre or the SLSSA website. Other courses are more limited and are advertised via circular. Keep an eye on the SLSSA website for more information. All state facilitated courses may have fees attached.

Silver Medallion Beach Management

Minimum age of 17 years
Proficient in Bronze

First Aid, Resuscitation
Management of the Beach
Search and Rescue techniques

Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue

Minimum age of 16
Proficient in Bronze
400m swim in 8 minutes

First Aid, Resuscitation
Advanced Search and rescue techniques

Training Officer Certificate Assessor Certificate

Both require proficiency in the award wishing to train or assess

First Aid, Resuscitation
Focus on either training or assessing

Jet Rescue Boat Crew
RWC Crew
Helicopter Crew

Subject to a range of prerequisites including swimming and running

First Aid, Resuscitation
Watch for circulars calling for expressions of interest

Surf Life Saving SA as an RTO

SLSSA are a registered training organisation (RTO). This means that many of the courses completed with PNSLSC have units of competency attached. For example there are 4 units with the SRC and 8 with the Bronze including HLTAID001 Provide CPR. This particular unit of competency is often required in the workplace and to remain current must be updated every 12 months.

To complete a course with PNSLSC you will be required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This allows you to obtain information about your qualifications and units of competency you have obtained whenever you have completed a course with an RTO.

If you do not have a USI you can visit to create one.

Training New Awards at PNSLSC

All upcoming courses are advertised however the Chief Instructor is always happy to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have.
Every course we offer takes a different amount of time and are delivered in a range of ways including face to face and online components.

To join any course you will first need to ensure you are a financial and registered member of PNSLSC and then enrol.
Please go to the SLSSA website to enrol.

You will need the Members tab – Club based Member courses – select the appropriate course and then enrol in the Port Noarlunga course following the prompts.
If you have enrolled in courses with SLSSA before you should be able to enrol as a returning student.

Surf Rescue Certificate (approx 4 weeks duration)

This award provides candidates with the opportunity to develop the foundation skills a life saver needs to patrol and undertake water safety activities. The prerequisite for this course is to swim 200m in 5 minutes prior to commencing the course.
It covers the following six modules and includes 4 units of competency upon completion:

  • Introduction to SLSA
  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Radio operations
  • Surf awareness
  • Rescue
  • Resuscitation

Bronze Medallion/Certificate 2 in Public Safety (approx 6-8 week duration)

Recently updated to the latest Public safety training package this course provides not just the foundation skills featured in the SRC but also an additional 4 modules and 4 units of competency that focus on:

  • Team work and communication
  • Emergency Care
  • Spinal Management
  • Patrol Operations

These modules provide the additional skills to become a fully qualified lifesaver upon successful completion of this course. The prerequisite for this course is to swim 400m in 9 minutes prior to commencing the course.
The SRC and Bronze courses are delivered as a blended approach with there being dry and water based face to face sessions along with self paced online sessions and an online theory assessment. One of the key resources for theses courses is the Public Safety Aquatic Rescue 35th edition Training Manual for a cost $10. The training manual and online sessions do require internet access and are most easily accessed through the SLSA apps. If this is an issue please have a chat to your trainer.
Assistance with these along with more detailed information are provided at the first session you attend.

Please note: The training schedule is very tight – missed training sessions may see the need for you to transfer to another training group at a later date.

Provide First Aid Courses

These are provided at heavily discounted rates to members of SLSSA clubs.

Current costs for these courses are:

Skills Maintenance

Is completed once a year to ensure we keep our skills and knowledge up to date.

Dates are limited and will be advertised once set. Online components of skills maintenance can be found in the Members Area in the eLearning.
Alternatively, visit you app store and download the SLSA eLearning app for all your online course needs.

More information to come soon. If you have further questions or require assistance please contact the Chief Instructor a via email

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