Port Noarlunga Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “PNSLSC”) is a charitable service based institution. The core business of the PNSLSC is to provide a safe aquatic environment for users of the Port Noarlunga Beach and surrounds at any time that its members are present.

The Strategic Plan was been prepared to achieve the following:

  • by the members for the members
  • to provide all members with an understanding of the aims and philosophies of the PNSLSC
  • the underlying principle is that the plan is subject to continual review by the members in a changing environment
  • outcomes should always be a measurable
  • act as “blueprint” to the management committee who are empowered by the members to embrace the plan and apply the principles of the plan in achieving the “Objects” of the club and its members
  • the management committee, as custodian, performance may be measured against the agreed KPIs targets set by the members to ensure that their aims and requirements are being met

The Vision

  • To become a leader in surf life saving on the Midcoast and in South Australia
  • To see growth in all departments
  • Be most progressive with activity, systems and growth of members


An extract of the Objects of the PNSLSC are:

  • Participate as a member of a single uniform entity through and by which surf life saving and the preservation of life in the aquatic environment within South Australia can be conducted, promoted and administered.
  • Conduct, promote, advance and control the work of surf life saving, its many aspects devoted to aquatic safety and management and the preservation of life in the aquatic environment.
  • Conduct research and development for the improvement in methods of surf life saving, including its techniques and equipment and in all ways to improve and safeguard the use of the aquatic environment.
  • Produce, develop, create, licence and otherwise exploit, use and protect the Intellectual property, including but not limited to logos, trademarks, copyright and names in any surf life saving equipment, product, publication or event developed by Port Noarlunga Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated.
  • Cooperate with any organisations in improving methods of life saving (whether in aquatic environment or elsewhere) and the securing of public recognition and financial support for Life Saving Institutions.
  • Strive for Governmental, commercial and public recognition of PNSLSC as an authority on aquatic safety and management within South Australia.
  • Ensure that environmental considerations are taken into account in all surf life saving and related activities conducted by PNSLSC.
  • Promote the health and safety of members and all other users of the aquatic environment and seek and obtain improved facilities for their enjoyment.
  • Encourage members to realise their potential and athletic abilities by extending to them the opportunity of education and participation in surf life saving activities, regardless of gender or age, within the limits of membership categories.
  • Encourage and promote performance enhancing drug free competition /environment.
  • Recommend and support awards to members and others, in honourable public recognition of hard and meritorious rescues from the sea, deeds of exceptional bravery from time to time performed in the course of life saving and other distinguished services and acts.
  • Recommend and support where appropriate, recognition for members to obtain awards, civil honours or public recognition for services to surf life saving or other fields of endeavour.
  • Promote uniformity of laws for the control and regulation of the aquatic environment and to assist the authorities in enforcing these laws.
  • Effect such purposes as may be necessary in the interests of surf life saving and the aquatic environment.

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